Seattle Chocolate Tour

January 20, 2010

I went up to Seattle this weekend to visit my awesome sister.  What a fun trip;  I got to see her hip hop group in concert, meet my pen pal and well-known blogging buddy Elissa from 17 & Baking, and take a Chocolate Indulgence Tour of the city.  And the tour is quiet accurately named, as one basically walks around a few city blocks visiting the most plush and swanky chocolate boutiques, indulging in an excess of chocolate.  From coconut cream pie, to cheesecake, to truffles,  I was not left hungry.  And as much as the calories pained my body, I highly recommend this fun experience.  Sorry about the funky lighting, I was in and out of shops!  Check it out…

Our First stop was the bar at the May Flower hotel where the bar tender took the group through chocolate cocktail making.  This right here is a combination of coffee liquor, dark chocolate liquor, and rum… perhaps something else.  Well, he topped it with rosted coffee beans and boy was it delicious.  Nothing like a shot of rum in the morning…

Next, we walked on to Dahlia Bakery

We were first treated to the famous triple coconut cream pie.  Now how is this chocolate?  well… the white chocolate shavings of course! ok so not super chocolate, but it was SUPER delicious.  YUM.

Next were chocolate crinkles that were chewy, gooey, rich and delicious

Next, we walked over the Caffe D’Arte, where we were served strong and dark chocolate mocha.

I also volunteered to help make latte art!

Next stop: Chocolate Box

This place has so much going on:  coffee bar, gelato, handmade truffles, confections, and bakery.

And of course we got samples…. ( more like a meal!)

Here is my mom enjoying an incredible chocolate enrobed gooey brownie.  so good!

chocolate cupcakes with a dark chocolate ganache filling and swiss merengue buttercream:

also, we tasted these dark chocolate lemon truffles that cut through the flavor and left a pleasant and unexpected taste

The group then walked down to Pike Place Market to the Confectional a.k.a. the place to get the best cheesecake

My favorite stop on the trip.  Both desserts served here were the bomb.  Now I’m a total chocolate fanatic, rich dark chocolate that is, but surprisingly y favorite thing happened to be this white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.


Next was a death by chocolate deliciousness, “sipping chocolate.”

Warning: this sip could kill

cloves and cinnamon make this flavorful and warming.  I couldn’t believe they even serve an 8 oz size.  One could be killed.  enough said.


Next and last stop (thank god!) was Fran’s Chocolates at the new Four Seasons Hotel

More Chocolate.  I’m not going to lie… I took the last few truffles home, I couldn’t eat anymore!

As a bona fide chocoholic, it was awesome.


9 Responses to “Seattle Chocolate Tour”

  1. Now that is my kind of tour. What could be better or more decadent than a Chocolate tour.

    I was inspired this morning to bake a chocolate pecan pie,thanks to your photo. I am showcasing your blog on the Saturday Blog Showcase this week. I’m really enjoying your wonderful photos and great deserts. Just wanted to say Thank you!!


  2. Elissa Says:

    Wow, this tour looks like it was really intense but really good! Wish I could have been there, the cheesecake looks amazing!

  3. Dragana Says:

    Next time you take a trip like this…INVITE ME!

  4. Take me next time! Love Seattle, haven’t been there in a dog’s age.

  5. Did my own chocolate tour of Seattle last summer – went to the Theo factory for a tour, but the highlight for me was Chocolopolis. You can read about my visit (and the resulting ice cream) here:

    Looks like you had a blast!

    • JoJo Says:

      So I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on your blog….I honestly can’t find a button! Anyways, I wanted to say how incredible it is that you are a real pastry chef! and you live in Paris! oh my goodness. That’s incredible. I take French in school and I think I am going to visit this summer. The place is truly magical. Looks like you got what you wanted out of your chocolate tour. I love love love love chocolate!

  6. Carol Wiley Says:

    We went on this tour last Friday and it was so good. I’m so glad you took pictures of your tour as I forgot my camera. Will be posting a link to your blog on my Facebook, so friends can see what we had. 🙂

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