Sorry, I’ve been traveling…

May 4, 2010

Sorry, I’ve been traveling…

In the past two months I’ve been to Hawaii, Santa Barbra, San Luis Obispo, LA, and New Orleans. College visiting, vacationing, ect…

And with proms, AP testing and graduation coming all at once I have been pretty darn busy!

Please excuse me for being blog lazy :/

I’ll go ahead and take you on a brief culinary tour of my trips.

I went to Oahu with my mom and day for a long weekend.  So relaxing.  The food down there is either incredibly expensive due to all the tourist, or super local and fattening.  The most common, local dish is an extra-large plate of a fried meat or fish drenched in gravy over rice and creamy maccaroni salad on the side.  Not the type of food you want to be eating everyday. One place you can check out for the super local cuisine is the rainbow drive thru:

A must go is Leonard’s bakery.  The malasadas are to die for; basically round doughnuts.  We tried the cinnamon sugar, and lilikoi (Hawaiian passionfruit) cream filled flavors. Outstanding!

We went to Nobu for another outstanding meal.  Not local, but you can always expect incredible food from here

above is a delicious scallop dish I tried. I didn’t manage to capture of it, the new sty;le sashimi is the bomb; slightly seared with a rich scallion infused oil and topped with fried garlic, perhaps the best thing I ate that night.

Another incredibly filling and expensive dinner came from BLT steak house at the trump tower hotel we stayed at.  We ( three of us) ordered the porterhouse for two along with some appetizers and accompaniments…….


after my mom got done with this bad boy:

Not a whole lot of culinary photos from my trip to southern California.  I did however, manage to document one incredible dinner at our hotel.

My family and I stayed at a gorgeous resort in Rancho Palace Verdes in LA.

Luckily we were there for Friday night, because the one of the restaurants has an incredible seafood buffet.   At 50$ a pop it’s well worth the experience.  The buffet has everything from oysters on the half shell, to every type of fish cooked every which-way, king crab legs, incredible cheese selection, salad arrangements and a fantastic dessert set up and more.  Of course I managed to document the desserts.  They had several and we made a point to taste every single one.

above is an opera cake, strusel berry cake and flan.

above is a mango mousse cake, apricot chocolate mousse and lemon chiffon cake.

We agreed this parfait layer tiramisu was the best.

although I think my favorite might have been this passionfruit mousse topped with the berries.  incredible, bursting passionfruit flavor in a light and creamy mousse.

I think I’ll leave New Orleans for another post…. don’t want to overwhelm!


4 Responses to “Sorry, I’ve been traveling…”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Hi! Glad you’re back. I became a new follower while you were gone 🙂

  2. Schae Says:

    Is that the Terranea Resort? I live in Palos Verdes and that place is insane!

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