Party at my house!

July 24, 2010

I did it!

Yes, I graduated from high school.

In celebration my family decided to host a party at my house.  We transformed our yard with hundreds of flowers and cleaned out the pool.  I sent out an evite inviting family friends and a few girls to celebrate with us.  I told them to bring a bathing-suit and an appetite. It would be a humble, tasty backyard party.

Well, my humble plans were foiled when my mom started creating the menu.   Of course at our house, with two outrageous foodies the food would be good.  But it wasn’t till my mom had hired the sushi chef, paella maker and monstrosity of desserts that I realized this would be no back yard bbq.

To my horror, just two hours before the party a 10 foot tall moving truck parked in my front yard carrying everything from cocktail tables to decorative rhinestones.  Definitely not a humble backyard bbq…

Scrambling to get everything ready, we barely finished preparing by 5:00.  One thing about my family is that we are always late.

I had planned on making a few desserts, but it took my mom so long to get home with the ingredients I could only make up some cookies.  She came sweeping in two hours before the party with the linens and a carload from Costco.

I ended up making some humus and sangria for the party too.

For the sangria, I just checked out a few recipes and improvised without following anything too closely (same with the humus!).  I chopped up several pounds of fruit, basically everything I had in the house: strawberries, limes, oranges, apples, pineapple and mango.  I added plenty of white rum (bacardi), red wine from bevmo, and agave nectar to sweeten.  I may have added a few splashes of fruit juice.   I let the fruit marinade with the rum for a few hours before putting it all together. Twas very simple.

For the humus I used several cloves of garlic, tahini, pinto beans, parsley, fresh cracked black pepper, salt, olive oil, cumin, chili powder, along with other spices seasoning to taste.  Came out wonderfully.

I honestly can’t remember what cookie recipe I used.  But was basically an ordinary CCC recipe.  I cans ee some white chocolate chips in there too.  They were pretty great if I do say so myself…

more food….. my favorite chai noodle dish was served, made by a good family friend.  cold noodle salad with a sweet, sour and tangy fish sauce dressing, mint, peanuts, lime, onions, carrots and more!

along with some other favorites…

these are incredible…. truffle infused blanched almonds… go to Costco and get them. now! and pair them with cheese.  mmmmm.

ok, now as for my persistent absence from the blog. Well, I just returned from a month-long European Extravaganza with my two best girlfriends as a veritable graduation getaway.  Prepare yourself for some awesome culinary travel documentation in my next post.